Abbey Laurin

Artist Biography

In this thesis series, Intertwined , I have focused on expressing the animate beauty of the connection between plants and human beings and the impact this connection has on creative expression. Through the use of oil paints I have created works of art showcasing the monochromatic human form and the plants in their true organic form and coloring. I committed to capturing the fluency and individuality of the chosen greenery and the various symbolic meanings behind the benefit of human contact with the plant. Using a transparent gesso to showcase the grain of wood beneath the layers of paint and smooth texture of the paint, I hope to give my viewer a chance to experience the beauty of the striking colors of the plants and bold shapes of the human forms in unison, as well as instate a present awareness of their own connection with nature. Through the research of the symbolic and healing properties of the plants themselves, color identification and the simplicity of composition, I articulated unique messages of emotion and mindfulness through the works. My series has played a part in my growth as an artist as shown by the leap of change between my more vibrant earlier works and the later works that were stripped away of color and full of compositional fluency. My art is a response of gratitude for the energy the connection I have with my surrounding environment, creating a collaboration between nature and myself.

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Thesis Abstract

Environmental immersion, the process of being physically present within a natural environment, can influence an individual’s thoughts, behavior, emotions and perspective on life. Exposure to the exterior world can enhance creative identity, emotional expression, as well as communication. Environmental immersion can be considered a segment of holistic psychology because this specific form of psychology takes an individual’s physical health, lifestyle and environment into consideration when treating the mind and behavior. Creative expression also draws from all aspects of an individual’s mind, body and behavior and external influences the emergence of creativity, understanding of the different controls of the mind, future directions inspired by the research and created work and overall impressions made by exterior influence will be addressed. This thesis explores the influence of natural environments and objects on the creative and spiritual sectors of life. Through a literature review and creative painting, this thesis considers how the present-moment awareness of nature and its effect on human behavior and perspective emerges through creative expression in oil paints.The roles of painting as an expressive medium and the artist-researcher’s environmental influences as well as the results and future directions of this experimental work will be discussed in this thesis and shown through the accompanying body of art.