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  • Aleksandra Tsangarides

    Aleksandra Tsangarides

    Artist Biography I am an artist raised among forests and mountains. I’m inspired by my experiences in life and prioritizing play and discovery- swimming in rivers, dancing in storms, howling at the moon- being a child no matter how much older I get. I like to study fungi, rock surfaces, tidal pools, and all the…

  • Senior Thesis 2022 | Interior Architecture

    Architectural design combines aesthetics and science to enhance our built environment in a sustainable and responsible way. Endicott’s pre-professional Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture provides a path to explore and acquire the skills necessary to achieve student goals. Graduates wishing to become licensed in architecture, landscape architecture, or urban planning can pursue accredited…

  • Sarah Horgan

    Sarah Horgan

    Artist Biography Sarah Horgan will be graduating with a BFA in Interior Architecture this Spring. She is pleased to be going back to Spagnolo Gisness & Company as a junior interior designer this Summer. Sarah has been with the company for 10 months now and is thrilled to make the move to Boston and work…

  • Arianna Rubio

    Arianna Rubio

    Artist Biography As an artist, my interests include the themes of self identity, freedom of expression, and creating art to fulfill one’s happiness. Growing up near New York City, I spent a lot of time visiting museums like the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I became intrigued by expressive…

  • Express Yourself: IMAGINE NATION

    Express Yourself: IMAGINE NATION

    Express Yourself Exhibition, IMAGINE NATION features set design pieces and individual artwork from youth’s virtual performances during the pandemic period. Guest artist Wes Bruce joins us to share his inspiration for these vibrant animals that were created by Express Yourself youth pre-pandemic and then carried through to completion at both therapeutic environments and outside the…

  • Student Invitational 2022

    Student Invitational 2022

    Award winners and nominees highlight this exhibit of the most successful art student creations at Endicott College. Majors represented are Art Therapy, Graphic Design, Interior Design Photography, Studio Art, and Performing Arts. Pieces include ceramics, drawing, digital design, film, painting, photography, and recorded performances. Award categories consist of faculty-awarded first, second, and third place, popular…

  • Women and Inequality: An Investigation Utilizing Information Design

    Women and Inequality: An Investigation Utilizing Information Design

    According to the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Gender Gap Report, we won’t see gender equality for at least another 99 years. The United States’ current global gender gap ranking is #53, far below most other comparable peer nations. This body of work focuses on data and information design in communicating the inequality of women…

  • Touch the Sky: The Surreal Cityscapes of Molly Levine

    Touch the Sky: The Surreal Cityscapes of Molly Levine

    Rich with layered perspectives, bold color, and playful geometry this collection of work by Molly Levine presents an exciting twist on conventual cityscapes. This exhibition showcases large oil and acrylic paintings which seamlessly transport the viewer through various points of view from the ground up.

  • 2020 Graduate Thesis Exhibition

    2020 Graduate Thesis Exhibition

    Endicott M.A. in Interior Architecture Thesis Exhibition 2020 invites viewers to virtually experience students’ thesis projects representing their research, experimentation, critical thinking, and production.