Senior Thesis & Capstone 2024 | Photography

The B.S. in Photography program provides students with an understanding of the skills, technologies, methods, and industry practices that are applicable to most types of photographic work while contextualizing the program with a business and communications model. In addition to keeping abreast of the rapid changes that technology has brought to the field, this program emphasizes image production within the framework of marketing, media analysis, financial acumen, public relations, and entrepreneurship. Students are taught the business practices which prepare them for professional practice upon graduation. The focus is on business, marketing, and social media classes through a progressive curriculum that remains at the forefront of the photographic profession. By 2026 UBS predicts that up to 80 percent of photographers will be sole proprietors. Given this statistic, we feel the B.S. in Photography provides skills in business and marketing that will complement the studio portrait, commercial, advertising, and product imagery coursework. Endicott students can earn a B.F.A. or a B.S. degree in Photography.