Isaura Sagredo

Artist Statement

Isaura brings her Spanish heritage and international experience into the design, learning, and working with others. By fostering connections between humans and their environment, she tries to enhance people’s lives with safe, functional, and transformable spaces. Isaura believes that the big moments in life hide in the details in which the designer has an important role: creating a conversation between interiors and the feelings they convey. Her perspective on the design starts by listening, observing, and feeling the space. She is committed to respecting the mutable environment and its inhabitants with her enthusiasm and passion for design, trying to infuse hope for life in every corner. She got inspired by one of the quotes from Renzo Piano: “One of the great beauties of architecture is that each time, it is like life starting all over again.”

Thesis Statement

Outpatient Cancer Centers often do not have a designated space for teens who feel out of place with a design that does not respond to their needs. A building that provides treatment, support, and joy will reduce stress and improve quality of life. This solution implies the design of a cancer center with activities that teens need but do not often have or expect in these places. This hybrid building will restore the physical and emotional lost connections from cancer, and it will be building up a community in an environment that embraces them and will fill them up with hope and meaningful memories.