Express Yourself: Wild & Free 2022

Express Yourself Exhibition, WILD & FREE, features set design pieces and artwork from their performance at the Boch Center – Wang Theatre on May 26th, 2022. Comprised of over 350 youth, this performance featured their interpretations of what it means to be ‘Wild & Free’! Visiting artist, Wes Bruce guided the Express Yourself youth creating Be Banners and Buildings. On stage, the School Bus was featured in performance with youth and Carlos Thomas (STOMP). Express Yourself’s youth created colorful tiled Peace Posts with their wishes and dreams embedded inside. 

Express Yourself, in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, is a safe and supportive environment for youth considered at-risk and young individuals with mental illness, allowing each unique student to be immersed in visual arts, movement, and music, all as a means of building a community and self-confidence.

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