Corrine Anderson

Artist Biography

Art making has been a part of my identity since I was very young. My personal process began with drawing dinosaurs, a species whose physical traits are unknown to this day. So artistically creating things and creatures that do not exist has always been a part of my art practice. I threw myself into a heavy illustration practice in high school, which evolved into an oil painting process in college. The art I have created has been heavily influenced by my artistic roots. Along with my love for psychology and the mystery of the subconscious. Within the bounds of 4, large scale oil paintings, the series depicts a surreal world. The basis for the world is a spectrum from ultimate positive to ultimate negative, with the prompt being dream themes. From levels of positive to negative the main dream themes utilized were wish fulfilling dreams, pipe dreams, bad dreams, and nightmares. The goal was to push the boundaries of my own levels of creativity, to allow freedom of expression.

Thesis Abstract

This thesis investigates the limits of creativity and imagination in the subconscious within dreams. These limits were tested and broken through the use of surrealist and art therapy techniques. The thesis was completed over a period of time from October 1, 2019 through May 15, 2020. Throughout the duration of the thesis rituals such as dream analysis, dream journaling, and free association were used. The final thesis resulted in the completion of a large-scale surreal landscape painting. It held the four main themes of dreams were depicted through landscape and character design. The art therapy prompt was for artist-researcher to imagine their own world conveying their subconscious. There were two main processes in completing the thesis, drawing and painting. Drawing resulted in the imagination creating forms and figures, while painting resulted in applying color and lightsource to these figures. The prompt allowed the artist-researcher to break boundaries within their subconscious imagination. Allowing for personal validation and bond with their subconscious to better understand themselves.

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