Caitlin Frati

Artist Biography

Caitlin Frati is currently a graduating senior at Endicott College studying graphic design. She grew up in Methuen, Massachusetts, where art quickly became a passion. After college, Caitlin plans on living in Salem, Massachusetts, and hopes to get a design job in branding and promotions, where she can design for reputable brands, and create work that will put a smile on people’s faces. Feel free to check out Caitlin’s portfolio website at where you can see a full portfolio of her work. Feel free to reach out via email: [email protected]

Thesis Abstract

The purpose of this thesis was to design aspects of a Boston-based music festival that would be appealing to people around the ages of 21-35, who enjoy live music, fun drinks, and like to party. This festival is local, bringing the most popular musicians right to our backyard. The festival features multiple stages, bars (which includes Hullaballoo’s own craft beer), an amusement park, and food truck festival all packed into one place. This festival is set to take place Summer 2022, and is going to be a great way to celebrate the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The word hullabaloo means to “fuss, cause a commotion, and be noisy,” which is what a music festival should be like. The branding for Hullabaloo makes use of bright colors which works to highlight the festival’s name. The main illustrations used also include these bright colors, along with black outlines, making the colors stand out loud and proud. 

A brand guidelines document was created that includes information such as; logo sizing, incorrect logo usage, color schemes, and the official typefaces of Hullabaloo.

The Hullabaloo app is an extension of the Hullabaloo festival experience. In the app, users can see news about the festival, artists playing, the schedule for each individual stage, a grounds map, and even order tickets for the event. Creating the app for Hullabaloo was a hard challenge, as UI/UX design is not my strongest area of work. I also learned a new program in the process, making this step of the project a challenge, but also a problem that needed to be solved. 

The ad campaign created for Hullabaloo highlights some of the artists headlining the festival. Each ad features a headliner, with the spotlight icon behind them. On each advertisement, is copy that calls out the viewer, with a call to action at the bottom, leading people to the Hullabaloo app or website.

The promotional items for Hullabaloo were fun to create. Coming from my internship, I was branding and creating a considerable amount of clothing items and other promotional items, so being able to make items with Hullabaloo branding was fun, but challenging. Branding this project was a challenge because I had to work on expanding my brand elements, and creating new designs that encompassed the Hullabaloo Brand.