Allie Lawlor

Artist Biography

In my work, I like to keep it minimal and flat. The use of flat colors intertwines well with minimalism, and I have always enjoyed using them together. My influences draw from Swiss design, as I like to use geometric shapes in my work to keep it simplistic. Growing up, I have loved designing everything from my bedroom furniture to birthday cards. This is where my inspiration comes from, the designer in me looks back on those memories and tries to recreate them through my graphic designing. When I am designing, I make sure I pay attention to detail, and stay true to who I am. If you wish to further explore my work, my Instagram is @allielawlordesign, my URL is, and my email is [email protected].

Thesis Abstract

The Country Pair is a home decor and wine gift shop that aims to provide unique and local products to the community. This name came from the pairing of wine and home decor that has a natural, country feel. We stand out from competitors by creating packaging and branding that is unique to Savannah’s local shops. I have used the minimal approach to create this shop, with the use of flat colors and natural wood tones to give our products a fresh, and modern feel. The color palette I chose adds vibrancy to neutral tones, with a flat green and rust color. My product line consists of items that have exceptional packaging that create great gift ideas for anyone. This shop is also a one of a kind boutique that will stand out against name brand competitors like Target. For this project, I designed candle packaging, wine bottle packaging, the store cashier, and an app wireframe for an online presence.