Ben Raynes: Kinetic Painting

Ben Raynes brings a modern take to the traditional art of watercolor by incorporating 3D perspective and interactivity in the form of a hand crank. Infused with elements of humor and light-heartedness, Raynes’ creations carry a childlike wonderment into the adult realm. His work spans a breadth of subjects, all of which capture moments in life that are both familiar and relatable: children running on a beach, hikers wandering through a forest, sailboats in a harbor. In addition, some pieces bring the viewer to unique moments such as a life-sized bear struggling to catch salmon, or transported to a bull-fighting arena where a bullfighter is being charged again and again. Enjoy not only the beautiful images Raynes paints, but join in the journey by propelling the action yourself.
Art is incorporated into Ben Raynes’s life both on a personal and a professional level. For as long as he can remember, he’s been interested in painting and has practiced the craft of watercolor during any free time he had. Those stolen moments came in between his career working in film as an advertising producer, where he was drawn to cinematic storytelling. Ben has worked on a wide range of campaigns for well-known national brands, such as Buick, Aetna, the Special Olympics, Dunkin Donuts, GMC, and Good Year, among others. His appreciation for the short-form storytelling format helped to transform his approach to his paintings, capturing brief but relatable moments in motion. His paintings have been shown in galleries in Boston and New York. Ben was invited to be a guest speaker at Endicott College in 2019, and is excited to return to the campus for a show of his own.